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UCLA Trial

Anna has been participating in the Interferon Gamma / Actimmune Clinical Trial at UCLA since March 2016.  

We are disappointed to announce that the clinical drug trial that Anna and 92 other FA patients have been participating in will not continue, as projected. So many have put a lot of hope, hard work, and dedication into this drug being the first to be approved by the FDA, let alone the travel and 3x week injections, and we are grateful.  More info on the trial on our Facebook page:

Yet we have faith that current and future trials and research will lead us to treatments and a cure!  We will go back to UCLA for our final visit in March and continue to take the drug until then. 

Anna participated in two research studies at CHOP early December and she was amazing!  She had a lot of blood work done, as well as an exercise stress test and a Biomarkers Cardiac MRI.  She was so strong and brave and made us so proud. 

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